3D visualization

Our designers bring both the client's dream and the space to life. We use 3D visualization and animation to show them every detail in moving images of what the imagined space will look like, risk-free, by realistic design options. Perfectly detailed, beautiful compositions, almost tactile textures, lights...

BIM-based design

Our portfolio includes interior design and architectural design, 3D (interior and exterior) building survey, assessment and modeling of pipes and wires in walls, BIM-based design, modeling, collision testing, visual design, BIM-based property management, consultancy, property inventory, BIM-based interior design, deployment and operation of a BIM-based facility management system, creation and use of ArchiCad 3D objects and add-ons.


Tatabánya tárgyaló

Tatabánya court room

November 18, 2020

Országos Bírósági Hivatal ügyfélközpont

Customer center of the National Office for the Judiciary

November 18, 2020

Győr, apartmannhotel

Apartment Hotel, Győr

November 18, 2020