To meet the 21st-century requirements of property management, we are among the first on the market to integrate interior design into the Building Information Management Model (BIM). We have created a new division, Facility Management, which will make these buildings digital, smart, and cost-effective through surveys and rationalization.


Arterior has the most modern imaging laser scanners, which scan the space in a 360-degree spherical panorama, from which a three-dimensional, digital model of the facility can be created. A uniform BIM-based facility management model can be built on the data obtained in this way.

3D building survey

We work with high-precision Leica laser scanners, which have the advantage over traditional surveying that all dimensional data is available and can be measured from the 3D point cloud in our office. From the point cloud, we build a 3D BIM model with the required level of detail.

3D exterior building and site survey

We work with a DJI drone and Leica Multistation, so we get an accurate picture of the terrain and the roofs. This survey can be combined with the internal 3D survey to create a virtual BIM model of the building and site.

Wires and pipes in walls

With our digital devices, we can survey hidden pipes, electrical wiring, supporting frames, and even reinforcing steel corrosion or leaks in walls. We can also document this in a 3D BIM model with dimensions and positioning.

BIM-based design, engineering consultancy

Arterior's consulting service can go beyond a 3D and imaging survey and subsequent modeling. If required, we develop codes of practice, review contracts, and help you to successfully tender for contracts. We prepare the profile of a facility management organization, highlight the areas in which we see lagging, and make suggestions for possible improvements at a technological or even organizational level.

General design

Our colleagues have proven their expertise in many large design projects. We can undertake general design covering all design disciplines or a single design task from the outline level to the level of the execution plan. 3D BIM models are used for collision analysis and mapping of 2D views.

Visual concepts, furnishing plans

We help you to make better use of space and find how to ideally place furniture, fittings and equipment of high quality, aesthetics, and functionality - the variations are worth a virtual try.

Engineering consultancy

We can help you in controversial situations or if you simply want advice from experienced professionals, as we know the professional standards and building legislation.